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Companies involved in the renovation of aluminum rims are demanding more from the varnish coatings used on the wheels. What counts is not only the excellent appearance of the wheels, but also the high mechanical resistance and resistance to the influence of environmental factors (UV, moisture, salt or automotive chemicals).

In response to market needs, RIMCO is introducing a professional system for varnishing / renovating aluminum wheels. It is a vertical system, consisting of the application of three layers of paint, on a previously mechanically prepared (glass or sandblasted) or chemically cleaned aluminum rim. Individual layers have specific properties, thus ensuring the appropriate characteristics of the entire coating. This system operates in the global market and has been tested by the world's largest producers of aluminum rims.

It also works well in the renovation of light alloy wheels, which explains the high popularity of this form of painting in Europe, e.g. in Great Britain. Due to the fact that the visual effects are provided by the liquid base paint, the painting technology requires having both painting stations: for powder and liquid. An oven for heating is also necessary because the liquid paints require thermal curing at temperatures from 150 to 170 degrees C. The primer consists of powder paint with specialized properties, based on a mixture of epoxy and polyester resins. Another layer, giving the appearance of a painted rim, is applied in liquid form and subjected to oven curing. The last layer of the system is a colorless varnish, which mainly has a protective function, which can be applied both in liquid and powder form. The properties of the individual layers are shown in the table. The individual layers of the system are designed so that they enable trouble-free application, adhesion and compatibility with the next layer. The whole system not only looks stunning but also provides full mechanical and anti-corrosion protection. What's more, compared to commonplace two- or three-layer powder coatings used on the market, this product is proven to be economically and aesthetically competitive.




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